South Korean Researchers Develop User-Friendly, 3D printing Tech


Researchers in South Korea have made a 3D scanner that can generate data used for 3D printing. It wroks by scanning the object, manipulating the image on a computer, and then printing the new object in 3D. The technology uses GUI, or graphic user interface design functions and tools such as the scroll bar, height and width attributes, and specified target model. These tools are familiar enough to the public. The technology is also being devloped into a low cost 3D scanner for mobile devices. The technology is simple to use so any non-professional can utilize the tools The built in features and simple user interface will change 3D printing usability, more people will be able to utilize the technology. The company that has been making this technology says that they plan to make more mobile app and cloud services for non professionals in order to make 3D printing an everday resource for people at school or work.

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