Favorite teams

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1985-1986 Lakers

MY favorite team of all time would have to be the lakers. While my current favorite teams are the San Antonio Spurs and the Golden State Warriors. My favorite roster of the Lakers would have to be the 1985-1986 team. Their starting lineup had Magic Jonhson, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Byron Scott, Jamaal Wilkes, and James Worthy. Their my favorite team because of how exciting it was to watch their games, especially because Magic Johnson was there. A close runner up to my favorite of all time would have to be the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls with a starting roster of Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, and Toni Kukoc. This Buls team was able to get a 72-10 wins to loss record which is an outsanding acomplishment.

Favorite Player

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Michael Jordan

My favorite player of all time would have to be Michael Jordan of course. However, I don't just like Michael Jordan because of his skill in basketball. The main reason I like Michael Jordan is because of how his story as a player. When he was in highschool, he tried out for the basketball team and didn't make it at first. But after he worked hard to get better, he ended up making the team. The greatest player of all time was cut from his basketball team in highschool. The thought of the greatest player not getting on to the team at first motivates me to work harder in everything I do, especially in basketball.

Favorite Position

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Kobe Bryant

My favorite position in basketball would have to be shooting guard. As a shooting guard, you don't have to be very tall or big to be lethal. Since I'm a fairly small person, I would usually play as either a point guard or shooting guard. However, since my ball handles are very good. I enjoy playing shooting guard because I'm good at making space for myself. A a shooting guard, I also have the freedom to shoot the ball if I'm open and if needed, I can reset the play and act as a point guard. Some of my favorite shooting guards of all time would be Klay Thompson, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Dwyane Wade, and Ray Allen. They all have different playign styles, however all of them have been lethal in the game.